Do you have a million tabs open? | Tab management problem.

In today's world, we have many browsers that we use on computers or phones and all these browsers have a lot of features that provide profiles and also security if you know all about them. If you want, I have already cut it on this website, you can also read it here. Today we are going to talk about a common problem in these browsers.

Usually, the size of a computer or laptop screen is 18 inches, and now if we talk about the smartphone, its screen size can be 5 to 6 inches. Due to this limited size, we can open some selected tabs on our phone or computer. If we open more tabs in our system then we are not able to manage. Many browser companies have been able to solve this problem and many have not.

So as I told you in the previous article that different browsers have some common extensions that we can use. Today we will talk about one such common tab which will solve this problem for us.

Switch workstation

Switch is the first workstation that works inside the browser permitting you to manage all web app and extensions. This extension adds a sidebar to your  browser that displays all currently open tabs, arranged by website, and lets you simply find and switch between tabs.

with the help of this switch sidebar, you can easily manage and control multiple accounts and web applications in 1 single place without logging in and out or getting lost in tabs. This is the extension that solves our problem. It will change some user Interface for its convenience.

The switch workstation has some great UI for managing tabs in most browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. These are some of the features that they provide to us.

★ Maintain Multiple Accounts

Switch lets you log in and use many accounts (e.g. Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc) for an individual website directly from the Switch extension serving you to concentrate on the tasks that matter.

★ Your Workstation in the Browser

Unlike desktop workstations, Switch runs inside your web browser so you can maintain all your web applications without losing flexibility and features.

The basic feature of the tab manager is free. they also offer a Switch Pro subscription plan that provides advanced functionalities such as:

★ Favorites and 1-Click Open

You can save your important web page as favorites and they'll stay in the sidebar even after you close them. Open them with one 1-click from the sidebar.

★ Notifications in 1 Place

Switch shows notifications when you get a new email in your Gmail inbox. It also shows notification badges for popular web applications in the sidebar such as youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc

★ Tab History

Whether you're relating various tabs or reacting to a loved one on Facebook, easily switch back and forth between your recent tabs with Switch Tab History and get back into the flow.

★ Tab Search

Quickly find what you need using keyword search. Switch uses a flexible search algorithm that makes finding what you need fast and easy.

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