Guide to Flash TWRP recovery and Rooting | Redmi Note 10 Pro.

If you want to change the software on your phone or if your phone does not have the software update on time. As you may have seen in this article, smartphones are not getting updates. This is the reason that the security of the phone has also deteriorated and they are facing a lot of problems. 

If you want to flash some kind of ROM, ROOT file, or customize your device you need to flash any kind of recovery in this time we are going to install TWRP recovery.

Flash TWRP and Rooting is a good option to solve a lot of problems.

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Here are the full steps for Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro Max users for installing TWRP & Rooting their devices. But it is also useful in other Android devices


  1. PC
  2. Fastboot Drivers
  3. Unlocked Bootloader
  4. Flashing TWRP Toolkit
  5. Magisk Flashable File

Steps For Flashing TWRP

  1. Download the required file at the time from google.
  2. Boot the device into Fastboot mode (in power-off state press power button + volume down button).
  3. Connect the device to the Computer.
  4. Open the file Explorer go to the downloaded folder and run the file "Flash.bat".
  5. Then press any key to continue.
  6. simple easy steps  to Flash TWRP and Rooting Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet/sweetin)
  7. The Device will automatically boot into TWRP after some time, it can take time 5 to 10 min according to you're device, after it you will see a welcome screen that indicating that you have successfully Flashed TWRP.

Steps For Rooting

  1. Boot the Device into TWRP Recovery (in power-off state press power button + volume up button).2. Go to Wipe  Format data. Type "yes". ("This will factory reset your device")
  2. Download and place the Magisk zip file into the device file manager.
  3. Select the option of 'Install' and then locate the directory where you have placed the Magisk file and select it.
  4. Flash the Magisk file by swipe the arrow located at the bottom.
  5. When the flashing is completed click on 'Reboot System'.
  6. After the phone has booted successfully install Magisk.apk

Guide to Flash TWRP and Rooting Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet/sweetin)

Congrats you have rooted your device !!

I know this is a one-shot tutorial, you may have some difficulties in understanding it, but small easy steps, which I have explained to you less, if you want its full tutorial, please tell me in the comments

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