How much RAM does your android phone actually need in 2022? | ram 2022

Hey, we are again here with some piece of knowledge about android smartphones in how much android smartphone ram required in 2022. In 2022 there are lots of phones in the market in 2022 there is some gaming phone in the market but they all are so expansive. In 2022 the smartphone company playing a game with the user and launching more and more ram phones for marketing, but after reading this article in your brain that what kind of phone you want and what is enough ram for you.

Can RAM give your android phone better performance in 2022? No, because many phones give better performance with minimum specification in 2022, but that all depends on your uses.

In 2021 the demand for the android increase and the uses of the android smartphone is also increasing there is a lot of work with the android smartphone like gaming, studying, daily basic uses, making videos for youtube, TikTok and much more work with an android smartphone.

If you are using daily uses like watching videos, playing some games, using social media and using your android smartphone for very basic use for that kind of people the 4GB of ram is enough and some combination with some latest processor and this comes in under $150 and the main all company are making this kind of phone very much.

If you have some lots of work like making youtube videos, making TikTok videos, and doing some lots of work you need to do with your phone you want some more powerful phone that only making apple company iPhone is better than all of the phones that in the market but if you want to go with android 6GB of ram is perfect for that and 4GB is also enough but in some small video editing the 4GB may work slowly in some cases.

If you are a gamer and you want a better experience with graphic and also want the best performance in that condition 8Gb of ram is enough if you want to go with better graphic go with android and if you want better gameplay lag-free experience go with iPhone. iPhone provides a better experience in all condition in just 4Gb of ram apple company just make more and more customization for a better experience.

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