Always on my Location Safe or Not | find my device | my location | location on in Android.

Location is one of the most important setting of our phone and many applications and many services come in handy only when location is on. If location is not turned on, then many applications will not be able to work in your phone. You will not be able to enjoy much service.

But in all this comes the name of those fraudulent applications that put your privacy at risk. Leaks your important data and sells it to any company or dealer.

Always on my Location Safe or Not | find my device | my location | location on in Android.

Many applications use your phone's location, and sensors like those locations are only used with your permission. If you do not give permission to those applications, then those applications cannot access any of your sensors or important data.

The biggest example of Location is Google Maps uses your location for you. And uses it for others too. This keeps you all connected to each other phone

There are many other visual services and internet services, which use your location. And all these applications use things like a camera, microphone in addition to your location. If you give permission to them, then only this application can use all these things of yours.

The biggest disadvantage of keeping location on is also considered to be a battery in which no data is lost and the battery of your device becomes very low.

And all of you have a special feature on your phone, Find My Device, you must have heard about it. If you lose your phone, then with the help of this thing you can find your phone very quickly. Along with this, its location can also be detected. But this option, to turn on this feature, you will have to do more with your location.

And if we talk about its bad effect, then many hackers can hack your phone by doing location and doing it. As if now greedy would have installed fraud app ie malware and crack and mod app. Some such code would have been written in it. Which is to your location, send it to the hacker or to any company.

If you want to know more about it, then we have already written an article about it. You can read that article by clicking here.

You can turn the location on or off as per the requirement. You can keep it nonce when you think you need it. As if you are out somewhere or you are driving, then you keep it on. This will help you a lot and can also increase your productivity. Also, if you live at home or you are in a closed room, you can also turn it off so that no one can know your location.

And it will also keep your phone battery good.

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