TikTok is used by Microsoft in windows 11 store | Microsoft windows 11.

Hello, TikTok lovers hope you are making a great video and if you live in India then sorry for that because TikTok is banned in India but this news is useful for you too and in this new year 2021, 

you have got to see a lot of updates. Mobile phone in android as well as in windows after a very long time. We got a new update of the windows 11 new operating system. Although Microsoft had said that they will not provide any official update after windows 10. Don't know if this was their marketing method or not? We have got to see Windows 11 and we are also using it.

A feature that has been discussed a lot, now you can use android apps in windows 11. At first, Microsoft should have taken the help of google, but google did not help them. So Microsoft collaborated with the amazon store. You will get to see it in native android windows only.

But if you see Microsoft's live windows 11 event, then Microsoft has given some updates in it and has told with some examples how we can install or use android app windows. Out of which a sample TikTok is being shown very much. Has Microsoft done any sports or promotion with TikTok?

Perhaps Microsoft is not doing anything wrong in promoting its windows store with us users. This company can do anything, it is a monopoly of a big company, which the company takes advantage of a lot.

We are getting to see a lot of Chinese apps on the Microsoft store. Don't know that Microsoft is doing this on amazon, it can be the loss of the user only. There is a Chinese app band in many countries because china is not playing its antics and the Chinese app is not running in many countries.

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