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Friends, you must have heard about Google's service. What is google service and google service is also an application already installed on your smartphone. Does this mean that Google will use some service of your smartphone? To get your data or if you have to provide some kind of good service, then in today's article we will know what is google service?

             Friends, first of all, we have to know what is google? Google.Inc i.e. a multinational company that specializes in internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Which is organized in America. It gives us a lot of technology. Some technology is premium, which google also takes some charge from us and many google service applications and software are available to the public for free, whose public can also do films.

Google Play services is a proprietary background service and API package for Android devices from Google.

Have you ever thought that today the biggest means of earning in the internet era is advertisement. There are many websites on all software or web browsers on the internet, money is earned because of these advertisements and sponsorship. But you must have seen many such application software of google in which there is no sponsorship or any kind of advertisement, google doesn't take any charge from us, so how does google earn from those software. Does google bear all this in its losses and why does it give us all this for free?

Here are some examples to understand Google's free service.

As you use google maps, google maps is quite an expansive software. Because it uses satellite data for scientific calculations and supercomputers.

Google drive in which you are allowed to store free data till 15GB. The data center of google data center or any company is very important and it takes a lot of money to manage and organize its center. Out of which carbon emission also happens the most. These companies mean a lot to them, so why is all this given to you again.

Let's understand Google's service. There is an application google play service on your phone and you all know that the operating system on your phone is android which was made by google.

We all have google play service on our smartphones. This software takes some service from our phone, which we also know as permission. For any application you want to use, you must give permission to google and that software.

Like you allow location, camera, microphone, app data, etc. Google play service uses your location for google maps to calculate your longitude and latitude to perform some sort of calculation that is used for google maps and other applications.

For example, Google takes location data from your phone. And uses it on google maps. Nowadays everyone has. Android operating system. So it calculates by taking everyone's data. How far is everyone's location. And that is how to see traffic in your map. Whatever you search on google. All that is very important for the google search engine and its ai.

Google service also connect you to the internet era by some business

Google mail is operated by google service. Today advertisements and news are also sent in google mail. And sending you daily entertainment and some news. You have seen that for this, there is a tab in google mail such as update, social, promotion, etc. All these are part of google service. and with this 2021, the option of google mail, google chat, google meet and google hangouts has also come.

As we told you earlier, Google does many things for us for free and also uses it for the betterment and help of all of us. For doing all this, Google also takes the cooperation of many companies and also some common people. Google takes support. Such as google translate. Many of Google's projects are open source and free as well. Out of which google translate is also a very good example. Google translate and its API would be of great use to the developer. You can also contribute to google translate. There is also a contribute button in the footer section of the google translate website. You can help Google by answering some questions about whatever language you speak.

Google rewards, in this, many questions related to google service are asked, due to which google makes its service better, makes its software better and google also gives its record, you can also earn money from it. We have already written an article about this. You can also read it by clicking here.

Google photos will be required in your phone. Google scans all those photos and makes your computer vision artificial intelligence even better. You must have seen that you get to see many smart features in the google app. For example face recognition and play services for AR.

You have seen many websites on which you can sign in. You do not have to fill any form. No such form has to be filled in which email password phone number will have to be entered. All you have to do is verify with google. And that website gonna take your data from google. And one of the best things is that security is handed over to google.

Google keeps launching many such products and many projects. These were all just a few examples. Google service that helps businesses, startups. Some of them are free and some are premium. Most of the free services were given to the general public.

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